Saturday, July 10, 2004

I didn't have to go to the airport yesterday. Get this: I get up early, get ready, and walk over there. I get there and Adrienne says I might not have to go. They were waiting for me to get there so they could use my cell phone to find out if Matt (her boyfriend) had to go to guard. He didn't, so he went and I stayed. They didn't even thank me for coming over or for using my phone...and I had to walk home. I love how I'm so appreciated.

The craziest thing happened while I was there, though. I was sitting outside and remembered that I had left my sunglasses inside. So I get up, open the front door, and there's Keenan, holding my sunglasses. How freaky is that?

The Sevendust concert pics are up on the WQLZ website. I couldn't find me or Ray, but I did find a friend of ours, well, mostly his. I don't like him. He used to go out with Adrienne, but when she dumped him, it's believed that he killed two of her cats. Freak.

I got the chance to sign up for the Meet & Greet for Projekt Revolution when it comes to St. Louis. I love being an LPU member. I got presale pit tickets for the August 25th show in March! How cool is that? Plus, I may get to actually meet Linkin Park. Rock on.


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