Tuesday, July 13, 2004

This guy comes into Wal-Mart the other day. He bought a computer monitor with a check for about $500, then immediately went to the service desk to try and return it to get the cash. In other words...Stolen check. Well, one of the managers called the lady on the check. Turns out it's his mother's. The guy's got a gambling problem. Well, since we refused to let him return the monitor, he starts going to other Wal-Marts. They call us to find out why we refused him, and in turn, they refuse him. My manager, June, believed that he was eventually going to come back here, and we would cancel the transaction and just give him the check back. He never showed up, so I put it in the deposit before I left. June comes up to me yesterday and says, "Remember that guy with the check? Wanna know why he didn't come back? He's dead. He was on (I think) 270 and ran out of gas or something, was outside of his vehicle, and got hit by a car." Didn't expect that story to turn out that way, did ya?


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