Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Review: LG CU500

I am a proud owner of this beautiful phone. My first new phone in 2 years, in fact, because it was the first to really turn on my crave meter in that time. It first caught my eye at a Cingular store, but they were asking some outrageous price for it, and those who know me also know that I refuse to pay top-dollar for technology when I KNOW that I can get it cheaper, somehow, somewhere. And, as usual, my gadget self-control paid off, and good ol' Wal-Mart had a sale a few weeks before Christmas: $50 bucks with a 2-year contract. Sold.

The first thing I love is the Bluetooth. "Sure, that's great, but most phones have Bluetooth", you say? Well, my previous phone did not, so it's new to me. ;-) The hassle I used to experience with my previous phone, and my data cable, and the software.... I shudder at the memory of the frustration. Thankfully, no more. I have gone wireless, and can customize my phone to my heart's content... free of charge... and hassle.

The second thing I love about this gorgeous phone is the speaker volume. I rarely used my previous cell phone because I could never hear a thing anyone said to me. I thought I was going deaf. I was so happy to find out that it wasn't me! I can actually have the window down in my car while talking on the phone! (Yes, I have a tendency to get amused easily)

Other things I enjoy and appreciate in this new phone, but won't go into great detail about are:
  • The 3G capability. Sadly, I do not live in an area where I'm actually IN a 3G capable zone, but a friend of mine lives in one, and I see her often, so it will get used.
  • The built-in MP3 player with controls on the front. I'm not as excited about this feature as I thought I would be. Reason being: the amount of factory memory sucks. 15 Mb, I think. That's not nearly enough for the things that I've already learned to do with it. (Like put full-length movies on it, hehehe) It does take Micro SD cards, but those f'n things are kind of expensive, you know? And I love gadgets, but man, I'm cheap. lol
  • The ability to take videos. Like I said, this isn't exactly new technology, but it's new to me!
But this phone isn't perfect. The one feature I think they really could've put into this phone with no problem is voice-dialing technology. I mean seriously! It has a damn voice recorder already! Would it have really been that hard to "turn on" the voice-dialing feature! I highly doubt it. But, alas, I really love this phone, so I am completely prepared to live without.


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