Sunday, September 19, 2004

Back to work today. :-( Oh, well. I was getting kinda tired of finding things to amuse myself with. I never ended up getting a car stereo, but I did look for one at a few places. I did buy The Sims 2 a couple days ago. I haven't really gotten the chance to play it, though. I think my audio and video cards are kinda outdated because the game is kinda choppy. I can play it in a window, but that's not really as fun as full-screen.

Ray and I went to the zoo on the 14th. We were planning on going to the Science Center, but when we got there, they were having a power outage, so we went to the zoo instead. I put up some pictures. Check out the Jelly Belly car! It was in the zoo parking lot.

And yesterday I went on my very first airplane ride!!! The Litchfield Airport was offering short sight-seeing rides above Litchfield for $15, and my parents gave me the money to have one. It was so awesome! I took 35 pictures while I was up there! lol I put them up later on.


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