Monday, November 29, 2004

This is an extremely addictive game, but a lot of fun. Ray and I were obsessed with it til we beat it.

Tip: Don't call the cops on people that know stuff the cops shouldn't know about you.

I told you I'd be rich... she is. LOL I hope she uses all that money to buy some new clothes.
I added a whole lot of pictures to the Picture Page. I also changed a few things on the About Me page. I'm just bored, you know? Plus I feel really guilty when I'm surfing around on my computer and realize that I haven't updated my website for like a month. Plus, Ray, Patch, and Dave are all watching Slipknot's Disasterpieces DVD. I love Slipknot and all, but watching an entire live show on TV isn't that interesting to me. I'd much rather be there in person. I own Linkin Park's Live In Texas DVD and I haven't even seen the whole thing because I don't like watching concerts on TV. Oh, well, I still get to listen to the music.

"Gonna Be a While? Grab an Angela."
Sloganize your name

Kevin Rose isn't going to be hosting The Screen Savers on G4TechTv anymore. That's so gay. TechTv has gone downhill fast ever since they merged with G4. TechTv wasn't broken, so why did they try to fix it?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Ah... if only I could cook a grilled-cheese sandwich, scrape some of the crust off, and make it look like Elvis... I'd be rich.
I dyed my hair black. Actually, Ray did it. It looks great. Very dark and shiny. Pictures to come shortly.

Come on people! It's dodgeball! We all played it in school, and so should our kids.